Featured Portfolio Companies


Industry: Social TV
Website: philo.com

Next-generation television solution for colleges and universities.


Industry: Legal Search
Website: www.ravellaw.com

A better platform for legal research – turning information into insights with visualizations and analytics.


Industry: Financial Analytics
Website: www.kensho.com

Next-generation analytics platform for investment professionals.

Rest Devices

Industry: Consumer Healthcare
Website: mimobaby.com

Products that help parents sleep.


Industry: Real Estate
Website: www.zumper.com

The first search-through-close home and apartment rental platform.

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Announcing Xfund 2

We are thrilled to announce the close of Xfund 2. But we really think of it as a new opening….

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Experiment Tea @ Xfund Studio: José Colucci
Jan 21, 2015

José Colucci is a Sr. Portfolio Director and an Associate Partner at IDEO. José has been with IDEO since 2000….