Stanford BASES + Xfund bring Experiment Teas to Stanford campus

Beginning this fall, Stanford BASES in association with Xfund are joining forces to bring our Experiment Teas to the west coast.

Instead of the standard lecture-and-cocktails format, Experiment Teas invite an “Instigator” — a visionary leader in a field — to make a 10-minute, provocative, totally off-the-record statement to a small group of 30-40 students.  The students and the Instigator then engage in a meaningful, revelatory discussion for the rest of the hour.  Judging by past Teas, the group comes away enlightened and transformed by the experience.  In this age of scripted presentations, passive listening, and live Tweeting, these Teas are designed to intrigue, interrupt, shock, and force us all to think differently.

These events are open to Stanford students ONLY and require a sign-up form to attend.  Here are our Instigators for this quarter at Stanford:

Conor Dougherty, Tech Reporter for the New York Times: “Forget what you’ve heard: the Bay Area hates change and will lose the Tech Industry because of it.”
Thursday, October 22nd @ 4:30pm
RSVP sign-up form required and due by Friday, October 16th, at 5pm PDT

Alex Schultz, VP of Growth at Facebook: “If you have a Stanford degree, being gay is better than being straight in the workplace.”
Wednesday, November 4th @ 5:30pm
RSVP sign-up form required and due by Friday, October 30th, at 11pm PDT

Kate Black, Privacy Officer & Corporate Counsel at 23andMe: “Your DNA, Our Dollars?”
Thursday, November 12th @ 4:30pm
RSVP sign-up form required and due by Monday, November 9th, at 11pm PST

For more information and to RSVP, please visit our events page.  Interested in becoming an Instigator for a future Experiment Tea?  Please contact

We hope to see you there!

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