The Experiment Guide to Harvard & MIT Courses

Every fall thousands of students arrive in Cambridge and wonder… what courses should I take this semester to get a good grade, learn something new, and complete graduation requirements? A special tribe of students within that group wonder… how best can I increase my learning per unit of time, meet like-minded founders and faculty to undertake bold experiments, and start or join the ranks of small startups or larger innovation firms that change the world? This guide is for that special breed.

Along with Neal Doyle and Gordon Jones from the Harvard i-lab, faculty from HBS and SEAS, as well as new and old friends from the MIT Media Lab, Trust Center for Entrepreneurship and various undergraduate houses, departments, and alumni*, we crowdsourced:

A selection of courses for the curious and passionate Engineers, Entrepreneurs and Designers in Cambridge, MA who want to build world-changing companies. #PayitForward

Please take a look at The Experiment Guide to Harvard and MIT (Fall,2013), become an editor and make it better, and then most importantly, share with your peers, mentees, faculty and students preparing to build world-changing companies.

This informal guide, which we hope to turn into a bi-annual tradition, will continue Cambridge’s habit of amplifying the good and discovering the new.

Please pay it forward and stay tuned for the Spring + J-term/IAP Edition.


*Special thanks to all the faculty, founders, tutors and friends who contributed and continue to coach Harvard and MIT’s brightest minds.