Xfund’s Annual Meeting & Experiment Assembly in 156 Seconds!

In May we hosted our first ever Annual Meeting and our third annual Experiment Assembly, featuring Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos!  Check out the highlight video and a few of our favorite photos.  We hope to see you again next year.  Our 2016 Experiment Assembly is scheduled for Wednesday, April 27th.  Please mark your calendars!

The hilarious full length video of Elizabeth Holmes being interviewed by Harvard Professor Jonathan Zittrain can be enjoyed here.

deanshu.com-073904 deanshu.com-081357

deanshu.com-101353 deanshu.com-121106

deanshu.com-130722 deanshu.com-131348

deanshu.com-141409 deanshu.com-160131

deanshu.com-154850 deanshu.com-154805

Videos produced by Charles River Media Group.  Photography by Dean Shu.


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