Dave Norwood

Dave Norwood is an Advisor to Xfund.  He is the co-founder and CEO of Oxford Sciences Innovation, the University of Oxford’s £580m fund dedicated to supporting Oxford spinouts. Dave has built a number of science, technology and investment companies, including IP Group plc, one of the UK’s leading technology commercialization businesses; Genomics plc, which develops and applies sophisticated analyses of massive integrated genomic and phenotypic datasets; and Oxford Nanopore, a technology company developing innovative systems for analysis of single molecules including DNA, RNA and proteins.

Chess has always been a passion of Dave’s; he has been awarded the International Master title and International Grandmaster title, and is a member of the Internet Chess Club.  Dave has captained, managed, and sponsored the England Squad in major team events such as the Chess Olympiad.  Dave is the author of several books on chess, including Winning with the Modern, King’s Indian Attack, and The Modern Benoni.

Dave graduated from Keble College Oxford, where he read History.