Industry: Social TV
Location: Cambridge
Founded: 2011

Philo is a next-generation social IPTV platform that lets viewers watch content on their favorite devices with efficient search, insightful discovery, and effortless sharing. Philo currently deliver it’s service through private, secure campus data networks so residential students can enjoy TV wherever and whenever they want on campus.

Latest News

Philo – Next-Generation TV Platform – Announces $10M Financing

Founding Facebook Employee Now CEO at Harvard Startup


Industry: Legal Search
Location: San Francisco, CA
Founded: 2012

Ravel Law is a new legal search, analytics, and visualization platform. Ravel enables lawyers to find, contextualize, and interpret information that turns legal data into legal insights. Ravel’s array of powerful tools – which include data-driven, interactive visualizations and analytics – transforms how lawyers understand the law and prepare for litigation. In today’s global and increasingly digital world, Ravel empowers attorneys to benefit from this huge influx of information and find value in it. In 2012, Ravel spun out of Stanford University’s Law School, Computer Science Department, and, with the support of CodeX (Stanford’s Center for Legal Informatics) and Xfund.

Latest News

Harvard Law Library Readies Trove of Decisions for Digital Age

A New Way to Look at Law, With Data Viz and Machine Learning


Industry: Financial Analytics
Location: Cambridge, MA
Founded: 2013

Kensho is empowering the largest financial institutions in the world with technology that brings transparency to markets. Kensho is pioneering real-time statistical computing systems and scalable analytics architectures—the next generation of improvements to the global financial system. Kensho harnesses massively-parallel statistical computing, user-friendly visual interfaces and breakthroughs in unstructured data engineering to create the next-generation analytics platform for investment professionals. Addressing the most significant challenges surrounding investment analysis on Wall Street today—achieving speed, scale, and automation of previously human-intensive knowledge work—Kensho’s intelligent computer systems are capable of answering complex financial questions posed in plain English, and in real-time.

Latest News

Kensho Technologies Inc. Honored by Goldman Sachs for Entrepreneurship

Kensho Technologies $47.83 million Fundraising

Goldman Sachs Leads $15 Million Investment In Tech Start Up Kensho

NBCUniversal News Group Makes Strategic Investment in Kensho, the Groundbreaking Investment Analytics Platform

Rest Devices

Industry: Consumer Healthcare
Location: Boston, MA
Founded: 2011

Rest Devices is the creator of Mimo, the smart ecosystem for nurseries: beautiful products that provide insight and which lead to happier, better-rested families. The first product is the Mimo Baby Monitor, which sold out of its first run at Babies ‘R’ Us and is now scaling at Amazon and other retailers. The Baby Monitor Sleep Training App will be released next, and the Mimo Bottle Warmer is coming soon, with a launch date of Q1 2015.

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Mimo partners with the Nest Learning Thermostat™

WSJ: Oh, Baby: Wearables Track Infants' Vital Signs


Industry: Real Estate
Location: San Francisco, CA
Founded: 2012

Zumper is building the next generation of house and apartment rental platforms. With a twinned consumer and B2B approach, Zumper built the first ever search-through-close rental platform where a renter can pull out their phone and make an instant rental application from an open house or a tour. It’s time for change.

Latest News

Real Estate Startup Zumper Raises Another $6.4 Million

Real Estate Startup Zumper Launches Zapp, So Renters Can Apply For Apartments In-App

With $8.2 million in Funding, Zumper's HBS Founder Focuses on Double-Sided Success


Industry: Consumer Internet
Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2014

LandIt is an entirely new approach to career fulfillment for every woman who’s stuck, looking to make moves, or simply wanting to do and achieve more.


Industry: Financial Services
Location: San Mateo, CA
Founded: 2015

Guideline is a next-generation 401(k) provider that makes it easy to build and maintain a high-performing, low-cost retirement plan that rivals the best in the nation – and you don’t need a degree in finance to do so! We simplify the creation of your investment portfolio, making it simple to get started on the right path to a healthy financial future. All this, with low fees and no hidden cost – finally, a employee-centric 401(k).

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TaskRabbit Co-Founder Launches A Slick New 401(k) Platform


Industry: Biotechnology
Location: Mountain View, CA
Founded: 2006

23andMe, Inc. is the leading personal genetics company. Founded in 2006, the mission of the company is to help people access, understand and benefit from the human genome. The company’s Personal Genome Service® enables individuals to gain deeper genetic insights into their health, ancestry and inherited traits but is not intended as a diagnostic. 23andMe has more than one million customers worldwide, with over 80 percent consented to participate in research.The vision for 23andMe is to personalize health care by making and supporting meaningful discoveries through genetic research. The company is advised by a group of renowned experts in the fields of human genetics, bioinformatics and computer science. More information is available at

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23andMe Funding Values Genetics Startup at $1.1 Billion